The Société Asiatique was founded in 1822 during the rush of enthousiasm that followed the first triumphs of scientific orientalism: deciphering of writing systems, restoration of monuments, comparison of languages. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries the Société Asiatique worked to accomplish its mission:

  • development & diffusion of the knowledge related to the vast area from Maghreb all the way to the Far East;
  • a scholarly and multidisciplinary approach that studied oral and written records of all the cultures concerned.


Médaille d’or de l’Exposition universelle, 1889 (L. Bottée) - © Société Asiatique

Médaille d’or de l’Exposition universelle, 1889 (L. Bottée) – © Société Asiatique

  • The Société Asiatique enters in the 3th millenary, with an erudite patrimony, carrying and multiplying her activities, following the present evolution of the scientific life:
  • organisation of monthly conferences on original subjects;
  • organisation of yearly symposiums & colloquiums, gathering scolars of all disciplines and civilisations;
  • publications : books& proceedings, and a biennal periodical the Journal Asiatique, published without interruption since 1822;
  • the rich Library of the Société Asiatique is at the disposal of the members & the researchers (printed books, manuscripts, iconographic documents);
  • foreign relations : conferences for institutions interested in Asia, highschools, colleges, companies in Asia;
  • conferences of members of the Société to accompany cultural journeys organised by outside agences.

The head office of the Société Asiatique is located at the Palace of the Institut de France (23, quai de Conti – 75006 Paris), in premices put at our disposal by the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres. Its monthly meetings take place on the second friday of the month at 05 p.m. in the Pierre and Marie Curie Hall (located on the 1st floor at the end of the busts gallery, after the fire doors) of the Palace of the Institut.

Its Library, including 100.000 vol. & about 200 living periodicals, is an associate of the whole group of libraries of the Instituts d’Asie of the Collège de France (located 52, rue du Cardinal Lemoine, Paris 75005).

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