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Communications :

Monsieur Christopher I. Beckwith, Distinguished Professor of Central Eurasian Studies, Indiana University, USA
a présenté les communications suivantes lors des séances du Vendredi.

Séance du 20 mars 2020

« The Scythians, Medes, and Persians : Revolutionary aspects of the world’s first empire. »

At the very beginning of the early Classical period, from the Scythians and the controversial Made Empire to the early Achaemenid Persian Empire a century later, a number of striking cultural changes of several different kinds took place in Iran and neighboring regions of the Ancient Near East. The innovations are mostly thought to have different origins, or at least no one seems to have considered that they might be related to each other. This lecture will discuss changes involving political structure, the military, weaponry, clothing, and religious beliefs. It will show how they are connected, who transmitted them, and where. The lecture will be accompanied by illustrations.

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